Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA 8749)


SEC. 3. Declaration of Policies. – The State shall pursue a policy of balancing development and environmental protection.

To achieve this end, the framework for sustainable development shall be pursued. It shall be the policy of the State to:

(a) Formulate a holistic national program of air pollution management that shall be implemented by the government through proper delegation and effective coordination of functions and activities;

(b) Encourage cooperation and self-regulation among citizens and industries through the application of market-based instruments;

(c) Focus primarily on pollution prevention rather than on control and provide for a comprehensive management program for air pollution;

(d) Promote public information and education and to encourage the participation of an informed and active public in air quality planning and monitoring; and

(e) Formulate and enforce a system of accountability for short and long-term adverse environmental impact of a project, program or activity. This shall include the setting up of a funding or guarantee mechanism for clean-up and environmental rehabilitation and compensation for personal damages.


Countries: Philippines