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ScienceDaily: Air Quality News 06, Sep 2013
Although microbes that live in the so-called "dark ocean"-- below a depth of some 600 feet where light doesn't penetrate -- may not absorb enough carbon to curtail global warming, they do absorb considerable amounts of carbon and merit further study, according to a study.
ScienceDaily: Air Quality News 05, Sep 2013
Researchers have just released seven technical reports that together form the most comprehensive Michigan-focused resource on hydraulic fracturing, the controversial natural gas and oil extraction process commonly known as fracking.
ScienceDaily: Air Quality News 05, Sep 2013
Rice farming near Beijing has contaminated and tapped the city's drinking water supply. For the past four years, China has been paying farmers to grow corn instead of rice, an effort that research shows is paying off for people and the environment.
Air Quality News 05, Sep 2013
The Patrull air purifier from Ikea has been compared to a robot.
ScienceDaily: Air Quality News 05, Sep 2013
A team of biologists working with stream samples from the Adirondack Forest Preserve in New York says watershed wetlands can serve as a natural source for the improvement of streams in the Adirondacks that have been polluted by acid rain.