“Policies” are government-led actions, initiatives, or laws that either address air quality problems, mitigate climate change, or promote sustainable urban transport. Policies may either be regional, national, or local in scope.

# Title Countries Cities
1 Act Providing for a Comprehensive Air Pollution Control Policy and for other Purposes Philippines
2 Approving the Plan for Thoroughly Handling Establishments Which Cause Serious Environmental Pollution Vietnam
3 Approving the Planning on Development of Vietnam's Automobile Industry till 2010, with a Vision to 2020 Vietnam
4 Biofuels Act of 2006 (RA 9367) Philippines
5 DECREE No. 23/2004/ND-CP of January 13, 2004 prescribing the use duration of trucks and passenger cars Vietnam
6 Executive Order No. 774, Reorganizing the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change Philippines
7 Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 8749 (CLEAN AIR ACT) (DAO 2000-81) Philippines
8 Law on Environmental Protection 2005 Vietnam
9 Motor Vehicle User's Charge (RA 8794) Philippines
10 National Policy on Sustainable Development Sri Lanka
11 National Road Transport Policy India
12 Nepal Environmental Policy and Action Plan (NEPAP) Nepal
13 Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA 8749) Philippines
14 Reorganizing the Presidential Task Force on Climate Change (Executive Order No. 774) Philippines
15 Revised Emission Standards for Motor Vehicles Equipped with Compression-ignition and Spark-lgnition Engines (DAO 2007-27) Philippines
16 Revising the Documentary Requirements for the Application of Certificate of Conformity for New Motor Vehicles (DAO 2008-09) Philippines
17 Task Force on Integrated Transport Policy India
18 Three Year Interim Plan (August 2007-October 2009), Unofficial Translation Nepal