The Ministry of Environment of Indonesia, Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation and KPBB initiated the Forum Udara Bersih Indonesia (FUBI) or the "Indonesia Clean Air Forum" to promote policy dialogue among stakeholders for the formulation of Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) strategies and policies. The first official FUBI meeting was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta on November 2009 with support from the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) Program.

FUBI consists of stakeholders (government, private sector, and civil society) with a vision to promote clean air in Indonesia and mission to improve human resources capacity through: policy reform (policy promotion/policy change), public education and technical solutions in the promotion of better air quality.

FUBI Coordinators

Dollaris "Waty" Suhadi
Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation
Executive Director

Ahmad Safrudin
KPBB (Indonesian Lead Information Center)

2012 Highlights

The Environment Agency of Jakarta Province (BPLHD) partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency in organizing an Air Quality Monitoring Training which aims to better understand Jakarta’s air pollution problems and to develop cost-effective strategies for improvement. FUBI members helped organize and participated in the training. This is part of a training series within the cooperation framework between the US EPA, the Ministry of Environment and the Government of Jakarta through the Breathe Easy Jakarta program.

Clean Air Asia works closely with FUBI members on the following projects: Exchange Program, Walkability Study in Indonesian Cities, and Knowledge Partnership for Measuring AP and GHG Emissions.

Past Projects

As part of the SUMA activities in 2009, Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation assisted Clean Air Asia by issuing newsletters, organizing training on the UNEP Clean Fleet Management Toolkit, organizing the Indonesia Clean Air Forum Workshop, and coordinating the Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance System Regulation Study.

Urban Air Quality Evaluation in Indonesia

The Ministry of Environment, through the Assistant Deputy for Pollution Control of Mobile Sources and Deputy Minister for Environmental Pollution Control, has conducted Urban Air Quality Evaluation as part of the Blue Sky Program and implementation of Environmentally Sustainable Transportation (EST).

The Urban Air Quality Evaluation provides information on air quality, performance and city competitiveness on AQM and application of EST. It becomes a reference for the government and urban community in improving urban air quality and provide direction and input in drafting policy, strategy and action plan for AQM, especially from mobile sources. More importantly, it serves as the government statement of accountability to the public concerning urban AQM in Indonesia.

The evaluation has been implemented in 2007, 2008 and recently in 2011 using the established indicator and assessment system. Evaluation results are then used as the basis in providing technical and policy recommendation including corrective measures and/or improvement and recognition for respective city.

The 2011 Urban Air Quality Evaluation Vol 1 and 2 are attached below.

FUBI is Clean Air Asia's Country Network in Indonesia which is part of the Clean Air Asia Partnership. Cities, national government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations, private sector companies, and development agencies can apply for free membership to the Clean Air Asia Partnership. The application form can be downloaded at

For a list of Indonesia-based members of the Clean Air Asia Partnership, see Indonesia list

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