Clean Air Asia has been working with several stakeholders in India since 2001 including the government (e.g. CPCB, MOEF etc), private sector, NGOs and development agencies (ADB, World Bank, UNDP, GTZ etc). In 2009, Clean Air Asia engaged two staff to explore the setting up of a Clean Air Asia India office in New Delhi. With staff in India, Clean Air Asia aims to have a stronger on-the-ground presence in the country.

Parthaa Bosu - India Director and South Asia Liaison - parthaa.bosu(at)
Sameera Kumar - Transport Researcher - sameera.kumar(at)
H. K. Parwana - Advisor
Sarath Guttikunda - Advisor

2012 Activity Highlights:

Clean Air Asia India Office has recently conducted series of Training Workshops for Urban Air Pollution & Co-benefits Analysis in Six Indian Cities. This project intends to generate interest for analytical modelling of air pollution in a co-benefits framework linking both the mandates of city regulatory bodies are taken into consideration: (a) to control pollution for better health of the city inhabitants and (b) to support climate policy with possible CO2 and non-CO2 precursor emissions from various sources in the city.

Clean Air Asia India Office has also organized the Green Freight India Seminar in coordination with the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. The seminar provided an overview of green freight initiatives and best practices in Asia and worldwide, and the participants discussed the priorities for the development of Green Freight India Program.

The India staff release newsletters and help implement projects such as Walkability Study in Asian Cities, Knowledge Partnership for Measuring AP and GHG Emissions, Communicating Air Quality at Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia.

The India office is the secretariat of Clean Air Asia's Country Network in India which is part of the Clean Air Asia Partnership. Cities, national government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations, private sector companies, and development agencies can apply for free membership to the Clean Air Asia Partnership. The application form can be downloaded at
For a list of India-based members of the Clean Air Asia Partnership, see India list

Work Plans:

Clean Air Asia India Office:
Address: 1st Floor, Building No.4, Thyagraj Nagar Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, 110003, India
Tel: +91 11 60120260
Fax: +91 11 4385 0032
Email: india(at)

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