2014 Clean Air Asia China Highlights


Summary of China Air Quality Management Development in 2014




亚洲清洁空气中心成立于2001年,由亚洲开发银行、世界银行、美国国际发展署在亚洲共同发起建立。 从2007年开始,亚洲清洁空气中心注册成为联合国第二类伙伴关系机构,拥有250多个会员机构,并建立了8个国家网络(中国、印度、印度尼西亚、尼泊尔、巴基斯坦、菲律宾、斯里兰卡和越南)。





亚洲清洁空气中心非常重视中国绿色货运的发展,自2008年以来在中国积极推动绿色货运,将发展绿色货运推向发展可持续交通和绿色经济战略的重要舞台。起初在广州市设计并实施了绿色卡车试点项目,之后是广东省的绿色货运示范项目,并与中国和国外的重要合作伙伴一起建立了国家层面的项目 – 中国绿色货运行动。



1. 空气质量与气候变化

(1) 中国城市能力建设



2. 清洁燃油与车辆

3. 绿色货运与物流

4. 低排放城市发展













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About Us

Clean Air Asia's mission is to promote better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and other sectors.

Clean Air Asia was established in 2001 as the premier air quality network for Asia by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and USAID. Since 2007, Clean Air Asia is a UN recognized partnership of more than 250 organizations in 31 countries in Asia and worldwide and 8 Country Networks (China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam).

Clean Air Asia is a registered non-stock non-profit organization headquartered in Manila, and with offices in Beijing and Delhi. It is governed by its Board of Trustees. Clean Air Asia organizes the Better Air Quality conference ( every two years, with more than 500 participants each time.


Clean Air Asia China office

The Clean Air Asia Center established its China office in Beijing in 2004. China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) hosts the China office since 2010.

Clean Air Asia China Office organizes China city workshops yearly, in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, P.R.China, to facilitate learning among cities and dialogue with national government. The Clean Air Asia China City Network has 13 members: Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Hangzhou, Harbin, Jinan, Lanzhou, Luoyang, Qingdao, Tianjin and Urumqi.

Clean Air Asia values the development of China's green freight, and has been promoting green freight in China since 2008. It aims to bring green freight to the stage of sustainable transport and green economy development. It first designed and implemented the Green Trucks Pilot Project in Guangzhou, then the Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration, and has established the national project of China Green Freight Initiative along with partners from within and without the country.


China Programs

Air Quality and Climate Change

1. Chinese Cities' Capacity Building

  • China City AQM Workshops
  • Better Air Quality Conference
  • Developing Needs-Oriented Air Quality Management Training Courses
  • Co-benefits Training to Chinese NGOs
  • Air Quality Management Training Course

    2. Regional Cooperation Forum

  • Air Quality Management in South China and the Pearl River Delta
  • Yangtze River Delta Clean Air Forum
  • Workshop for Implementation of Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in China Northeast Cities

    3. Technical Support

  • Clean Air Scorecard (CAMAT) for Asian Cities
  • Clean Air Report
  • Blue Skies at Shanghai Expo 2010 and Beyond

    Clean Fuels and Vehicles

  • International Workshop on Motor Vehicle Fuel Desulfurization
  • Coordination and Organization of the Eco-Driving Workshop in China

    Green Freight and Logistics

  • Development of China Green Freight Initiative - national program
  • World Bank Guangzhou Green Trucks Pilot Project
  • Guangdong GEF Green Freight Demonstration Project
  • Wuhan Low Carbon Freight and Logistics Project
  • Institutional and Policy Analysis of Green Freight in China

    Low Emissions and Urban Development

  • Emission Impact Assessment of Harbin Bus Priority Corridor


    Latest Publications

    China Office E-Newsletters
    China Office regularly releases E-Newsletters from 2005, provides latest news about air quality, energy, transport, and climate change in China and has been praised by hundreds of direct subscribers from government, academy, development agencies, NGOs and private sectors.

    China Green Transport Column
    Clean Air Asia cooperates with Transport Construction and Management Magazine host by China Academy of Transportation Sciences to have opened a monthly green transport column to share international best practices and experiences on green transport, including freight, logistics, ports, non-motorized transport etc.

    2014 Clean Air Asia China Highlights

    Summary of China Air Quality Management Development in 2014

    2013 Clean Air Asia China Highlights

    Summary of China Air Quality Management Development in 2013

    Innovative Track(2005-2012)


    Contact us

    Fu Lu - China Director
    Wei Wan - Air Quality Specialist
    Weihao Zhang - Environmental Researcher
    Mingming Liu - Director Assistant

    Tel/Fax: +86 10 8532 6172
    Email: china(at)
    Add: 11-152, JianGuoMenWai Diplomatic Residence Compound,
    No.1 XiuShui Street, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China


    The China office is the secretariat of Clean Air Asia's Country Network in China which is part of the Clean Air Asia Partnership. Cities, national government agencies, academic institutions, nongovernment organizations, private sector companies, and development agencies can apply for free membership to the Clean Air Asia Partnership. The application form can be downloaded at

    The Clean Air Asia China Office partners include
    ADB * AusAid * Cascade Sierra Solutions * CRAES * CANGO * Tsinghua University * ESMAP * Energy Foundation * Fu Tak Iam Foundation * Guangdong Provincial Transport Department * Guangzhou EPB * Guangzhou PMO-World Bank * Guangzhou Transport Committee * Heinrich Böll Stiftung * Hewlett Foundation * MEP PRC * MOT PRC * Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences * Shanghai EPB * Sida * US EPA * VECC-MEP * World Bank

    For a list of China-based members of the Clean Air Asia Partnership, see China list

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