Developing MRV Frameworks for Transport and Energy in Asia

The Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), under its Climate Change Group, has conducted a research on measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) greenhouse gas emissions of potential NAMAs and has carried out a study to propose MRV methodologies applicable to the transport sector.

Clean Air Asia has expertise in developing methodologies to estimate emission reduction for transport projects and is familiar with data requirements needed to implement those methodologies in developing countries,

IGES, in pursuit of generating inputs and relevant data necessary to propose alternative methodologies to simplify the MRV process, have commissioned Clean Air Asia to map out data gaps, jointly conduct in-depth discussions with identified agencies responsible for transport data collection and analysis in selected study areas, make recommendations and tools to strengthen data reliability and harmonize data collection in developing countries and assist in the capacity training workshop to disseminate results.

Donor: Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Duration: May 2011 – Feb 2012

Clean Air Asia contacts:
Alvin Mejia,