Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance in Asia: Status and Issues

Inspection and maintenance (I&M) has since long been considered as an integral part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce vehicle emissions. Many studies and initiatives looked at this issue of vehicle I&M and how developing countries can establish and/or strengthen their existing vehicle I&M practices. However, each of the studies faced its own challenges and issues.

Clean Air Asia did a comprehensive review and comparison of current vehicle I&M schemes which help improve its effectiveness. The report was disseminated at the ASEAN Clean Fuels and Vehicles Forum held in Singapore on November 2013.

The research study aimed to:

  • Provide an updated overview of vehicle I&M schemes in Asian countries
  • Review its implementation, enforcement and actual practices, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess the potential contribution of vehicle I&M schemes to improved air quality if these schemes would be implemented and enforced effectively
  • Identify the characteristics or “do’s and don’ts” of an effective vehicle I&M scheme that can be used by Asian countries to improve their schemes

Donor: MAHA

Clean Air Asia contact:
Chee-Anne Roño, ritchie.rono(at)