Green Freight Corridors in GMS

The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Core Environment Program (CEP) Phase 1 assessed the feasibility of climate change interventions that have led to substantial investments in the subsequent phases of the program. Looking at the impacts of GMS transport corridors being developed across the region, the program has embarked on a feasibility study to investigate the suitability of establishing a ‘Carbon Neutral Transport Corridor (CNTC)’ along the GMS East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC).

The CNTC concept includes two elements: reducing emissions from transport (i.e. freight) and reducing and offsetting emissions through reforestation / sequestration.

Clean Air Asia activities:

  • Advise on an approach for and validates the carbon footprint assessment of the EWEC in Thailand, Lao PDR and Vietnam
  • Provide technical input into a workshop “EWEC Freight and Logistics Energy Efficiency” with Government Agencies, Logistic Companies and Associations from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam (
  • Develop a customized clean fleet management tool for truck fleets
  • Conduct a Training of Trainers course with the Mekong Institute on the customized toolkit
  • Support/supervise the delivery of the training course by the Mekong Institute to truck companies
  • Scope and design a pilot project to be driven by national governments and private sector companies that includes a low carbon technologies pilot; eco-driving for freight companies; and capacity building of transport associations to support freight operators on improved logistics management to reduce empty milesPlease click here for the Green Trucks Toolkit

    Donor: ADB-GMS

    Duration: Jul 2011 – Jan 2012

    Clean Air Asia contact:
    Alvin Mejia, alvin,