Stars Foundation

Hong Kong Sustainable Technology Policy Research Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a technology and research to promote the sustainable development of the global non-profit and non-governmental organizations. Foundation rooted in Hong Kong to the world as the core research staff, the core of convergence around the world including Hong Kong, Greater China, Europe and America’s scientists and researchers, through the Foundation, is committed to fusion with the field of innovation and technology feasibility, development of eco-technology acceptability, efficiency, mass production technology, science and technology to promote the future of human society to achieve sustainable development of eco-appropriate place.

Our Mission

The deteriorating ecological environment, humans began to wake up and realize that have to leave the next generation, a suitable living environment and our health. Foundation for the development of sustainable social structure of technology in the pursuit of economic growth on human civilization, human beings and nature to the current confrontation, into a relationship of interdependence.

To achieve these objectives, the Foundation will actively coordinate all parties in the science industry to develop common development goals, these goals will be extended, the final results.

Foundation attaches great importance to knowledge management, through access to cutting edge new technology of information to scientific research and technology integration as a means of establishing value creation strategy. Foundation for this strategy to the international level as a reference for global sustainable development agenda, and actively seek the world political, academic, commercial, corporate participation in the inside.

Foundation actively with leaders to establish good communication, science and technology to assist countries in achieving its promise within the United Nations climate conference under the Connaught. Research Foundation for more active around the world and the complexity of technology or emerging legislation relating to legal, industry and government to discuss the difficulties faced in the law, balance of interests, new technologies break the present limitations and difficulties faced.

The fund scientific research through the establishment of regional cooperation to address sustainable technology within the technical obstacles, promoting sustainable development, and ultimately achieve sustainable social development of the Brave New World.

Primary contact: Erica Gooley
Job title: Public Relations
Address: Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong in the 64-66 1st Floor, CMA Building
Tel: (852) 28101777
Fax: (852) 30197415