Fuzhou Nantai Island Peri-Urban Development Project

The main objective of the project is to support Fuzhou City’s development as it expands to include Nantai Island by financing key transport infrastructure to facilitate development of existing peri-urban land in Nantai Island, and assisting the city strengthen its planning and implementation capacity for a strategy that promotes fiscally, socially and environmentally sustainable development of Nantai Island.
Specifically, the project supports peri-urban development in Nantai Island with (a) Investments in transport access to Nantai Island (road and public transport) and (b) Technical Assistance that would improve the manner in which the development is planned (transport and public transport masterplan, integration of transport and land-use planning, integrating environmental concerns upstream in the planning process), and the manner in which the development is implemented (improving urban design and air quality, preservation of sensitive/historic neighborhoods, and increasing the City’s capacity to phase/stage development in a market environment).
Key outcome indicators measure the urban activity in Nantai Island (size of developed area, size of secondary and tertiary activities), reduction in travel times between locations in Nantai Island and central city Fuzhou, and adoption of the recommendations of the technical assistance leading to outcomes such as more effective transit-oriented development and more effective public transport service. Key output indicators are implementation of selected priority investments, and successful completion of the technical assistance.

The project has three components:
• A strategic road infrastructure component (IBRD US$88 million, total $241 million), which includes construction of key transport infrastructure to facilitate the urbanization of Nantai Island. The completion of the southern section of the 3rd Ring Road (3RR/S) will open up significant new areas of developm


Total Budget:

Funding Sources / Donors:

Funding Type:
• Loan

Status of Project: Ongoing

Implementing Agencies:
Fuzhou Municipal Government

Regions Covered:
• East Asia

Countries Covered:
• China

Cities Covered: