CitiesACT database: air quality, climate change and energy, transport

Looking for a quick way to access air quality, transport, energy and other data for countries or cities in Asia? Want to compare air pollution levels in specific cities against established ambient air quality standards or with other cities?

CitiesACT is an online database that features data and information on Air Quality, Climate Change & Energy, and Transport. Since measures to address one problem may have positive benefits in other areas, the CitiesACT database provides a more integrated perspective for policy makers by using this “co-benefits” approach. The database have the following features:

  • Country & City profiles – quick snapshot of general demographics, transport statistics, air quality levels, as well as prevailing standards for vehicle emissions, fuels, and ambient air.
  • Policies – collection of government actions and legislation at the national and city level to reduce air pollution, mitigate climate change, or promote sustainable transport.
  • Organizations – list of organizations working in Asia that are involved in air quality-related activities.
  • Projects & Programs – growing list of air quality-related project and programs in Asia.
  • Training Courses – regular training courses on air quality and sustainable transport being delivered for stakeholders in the Asian region.

The CitiesACT database ( was developed by Clean Air Asia with support from the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum.