IUCN – The World Conservation Union

IUCN is a unique Union. Its members from some 140 countries include 77 States, 114 government agencies, and 800-plus NGOs. More than 10,000 internationally-recognised scientists and experts from more than 180 countries volunteer their services to its six global commissions. Its 1000 staff members in offices around the world are working on some 500 projects.

For more than 50 years this ‘Green Web’ of partnerships has generated environmental conventions, global standards, scientific knowledge and innovative leadership.

As a follow up to the National Workshop on the Improvement of Urban Air Quality in Pakistan, IUCN and CAI-Asia have agreed to work closely in building a local network in Pakistan, and IUCN has agreed to host the local secretariat.

Primary Contact: Patti Moore
Position: Head, Regional Environmental Law Programme Asia

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Phone: 662 662 4061 ext 128
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