Green Freight India Program Feasibility Study

To better understand the Indian market two studies were conducted:

1) A study on international standards for GHG accounting methodologies in the transport/ logistic sector

  • Identify, summarize, compare and evaluate the different GHG accounting methodologies in use worldwide, the scope of their adoption and their likely acceptance by different markets and stakeholders
  • Highlight key disparities between the different GHG accounting methodologies and the effect of these differences in GHG accounting, reporting and inventory management
  • Assessment of which GHG accounting methodologies are likely to become the dominant methodologies for road transport.
  • Identify which methodologies best meet the needs of the private sector and other stakeholders.

2) A feasibility study to objectively assess the likelihood of the establishment of an Indian Green Freight program and the necessary environment and resources required to establish such a program.

  • Identify the different stakeholders in a Green Freight India (GFI) program and their objectives, concerns, interests, and ability to influence such a program
  • Identify the different approaches and models that could be deployed for a GFI program.
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed models
  • Identify the opportunities and threats for the establishment of a GFI program as presented by the environment
    List the resources required to successfully deploy a GFI program
  • Establish the key criteria for a GFI program to ensure consistency with other green freight/SmartWay programs that is desired by the private sector.

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