Developing Mobile Source Emission Inventory for Hanoi

The Consortium will use an integrated air quality management system, AirQUIS, developed by NILU as the tool for creating the emission inventory for mobile source exhaust emissions in Hanoi. The system combines emission inventories, monitoring, data presentation and modelling in one package, which enable the user not only to present and evaluate the present situation, but also to undertake environmental planning for a sustainable future. The GIS platform, on which the system is operated, provides easy access to the data and gives a perfect and easily understandable data presentation tool.

The total management system consists of several modules that can be used individually. Air pollution emission module will be used in order to collect traffic data and to estimate the emissions from the different vehicle types in Hanoi. Local experts will be trained to support the collection of data, and DONRE will be trained on the methodology for developing the emission inventories.

Partners Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) and Center for Environment of Towns & Industrial Areas (CETIA)

Donor World Bank

Clean Air Asia contact
Alvin Mejia,