Diesel Power Generation: Inventories and Black Carbon Emissions in Nepal and Initial Stakeholder and Data Mapping for India

The World Bank supprts Clean Air Asia through this project with an aim to establish a baseline inventory of the number, types and approximate distribution of diesel gensets and estimate the air emissions from these generators, including black carbon, in Nepal focusing in the Kathmandu Valley.

A second objective is to carry out an initial stakeholder mapping for India in relation to diesel gensets and a mapping of the data collected and be made available. This supplementing activity will help to determine how a broader diesel gensets inventory can be established and which key stakeholders would need to be involved in a South Asia partnership and approach to address the impacts from diesel gensets.

Donor:World Bank

Duration: Jan – Oct 2013

Clean Air Asia contact:
Parthaa Bosu, parthaa.bosu(at)cleanairasia.org