Developing Policies for Low Sulphur Fuels, Automotive Fuel Economy and Clean Emissions for Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles (LDV & HDV) in Asia

The ongoing UNEP/Clean Air Asia partnership has fostered the formation of national stakeholder groups in both Viet Nam and the Philippines, as well as supported forums for the groups to meet and discuss policy setting for cleaner more efficient LDV. In addition, this partnership has also supported the establishment of a representative ASEAN experts group to work on integrating fuel economy standards in the ASEAN.

The objective of this project was to build on this work by:

  • supporting the drafting of automotive fuel economy policies in the Philippines, Viet Nam and Thailand per GFEI objectives
  • reducing black carbon emissions in Viet Nam and Bangladesh by supporting the development of low suplhur fuel policies as well as LDV and HDV emission standards, consistent with PCFV and CCAC objectives
  • supporting the harmonization of standards for fuel economy as well as low sulphur fuel and vehicle emissions (both HDV and LDV) across ASEAN commensurate with GFEI, PCFV and CCAC objectives


Duration: Feb 2013 – Dec 2014

Clean Air Asia contact:
Chee-Anne Roño, ritchie.rono(at)