Development of a Freight Brokerage Information Platform for India

Clean Air Asia to study the requirements of the freight industry, as well as the working of existing online tools with the goal of examining how to develop a true market that connects truck operators, logistic companies and shippers nationally so that they can mutually compete and benefit from implementing more efficient truck loading across the country. A study would therefore be focused on a hub or a regional corridor or among 2 or 3 cities. This would help achieve a better understanding of the requirements than spreading out across the country.

A beta version of a brokerage tool will be developed with certain basic features such as truck type, load type, origin, destination, date, tonnage etc. Organizations will be approached to share data for the website which would help them find loads and trucks in a pilot testing phase. The pilot phase will help to understand the effectiveness of the tool and to add or modify features to the tool to make it more user friendly and attract more users.


ClimateWorks Foundation


Oct 2014 – Jul 2015

Contact Persons:

Parthaa Bosu,