Assessing China City Air Quality Management Progress Year 1

Clean Air Asia will document, analyze and assess the effectiveness the policies and measures that the national and local government is and will be adopting to improve air quality from 2014 to 2017. This multi-year progress assessment will help decision-makers, private sector and civil society better understand policies and measures implemented at national and local level, good practices proven effective and challenges faced and thus enable positive changes of future policy development and practices. The form progress assessment will take is an annual report available in both Chinese and English and released to key air quality management stakeholders including public in China and abroad. The annual report will serve as flagship publication where emission and air quality data of Chinese cities is documented (year 1 – year 4), major policies and measures at national and local level are summarized and analyzed (year 1 – year 4), case studies of selected cities on specific good practices are presented in depth (year 1 – year 4), effectiveness of policies and measures is assessed (year 3 – 4), and cost-benefits of proven policies and measures is calculated (year 4).

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Objective 1: Track and assess the progress of China’s air quality management policies and measures at the national and local level over the period 2014-2017, corresponding with the current period of China’s Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control;
  • Objective 2: Help national and local officials in China understand progress, good practices and challenges of city air quality improvement to enable positive changes of future policy development and practices by promoting good practices and channeling challenges to all stakeholders;
  • Objective 3: Help private sector and civil society better understand of government actions and progress to gain their support for implementation and enforcement by sharing documentation, analysis and assessment of the policies and measures national and local government adopt to improve air quality; and
  • Objective 4: Help international community in particular developing country cities understand progress as well as action and measures that have proven effective in China in addressing air pollution to enable their relevant policy development and practices.

Donor: Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Duration: November 2014 – December 2015

Contact Person:
Fu Lu, lu.fu(at)