Jeepney Modernization Study

Clean Air Asia and Blacksmith Institute/Global Alliance on Health and Pollution agree to collaborate and conduct a research study that seeks to analyze viable and practical interventions to modernize jeepneys and improve its performance (safety, air pollution).

The scope of work to be undertaken by Clean Air Asia is outlined below:

  • Provide a comprehensive policy and institutional analysis on the various public/private initiatives and policy measures relevant to the current and future operations of jeepneys as a public transport mode;
  • Review viable technology options that are available to support a programmatic modernization of jeepney fleets, This will include
      1. Converting existing jitneys to CNG equipment.
      2. Converting existing jitneys to LPG.
      3. Scrapping existing equipment and going with electric vehicles.
      4. Scrapping existing vehicles and buying mini-buses.
      5. Other options as may be considered.
  • Each option will be reviewed for capital cost, operating cost, technical feasibility, and infrastructure requirements. Government funding options will be reviewed as well.
  • Integrate all this into a simple, compelling draft report that gives clear recommendations of cleaner fuel jitney options, their cost of implementation, funding mechanisms that could pay for them, and a clear breakdown of the economics of each solution both to the government, and to the jitney owner. The report will have appendices that explore policy and institutional questions, and health impacts (data to be provided by GAHP)
  • Work with Blacksmith Institute/Global Alliance on Health and Pollution in its outreach strategy directed towards policymakers, opinion leaders and media regarding the recommendations of this report, and other broad anti-pollution messages; and
  • Link project with key partners and relevant stakeholders.

Donor: Blacksmith Insitute

Duration: Feb – Sep 2015

Clean Air Asia contact:
Ritchie Anne Roño – ritchie.rono(at)
Alvin Mejia – alvin.mejia(at)