Rapid Assessment of City Emissions (RACE): Case of Batangas City, Philippines

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and International Resources Group (IRG) have supported the Philippine government in the development/enhancement of low emission development strategies (EC-LEDS), which called for long-term and country-driven approaches designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An integral component of the EC-LEDS program is the provision of policy tools that can guide and give alternative options to the government leading to sustainable climate resilient growth while at the same time addressing greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of this scope of work, and following the joint efforts of Clean Air Asia and Chreod, Ltd. in developing the Rapid Assessment of City Emissions (RACE) tool, Clean Air Asia, together with Chreod, Ltd. have provided technical assistance to the City Government of Batangas in the application and use of the RACE policy toolkit considering the baseline, the business-as-usual and alternative low emissions future development scenario(s), and provided the necessary training to city authorities and stakeholders to understand the methodology and concepts behind the RACE tool.

Donor: Climate Change and Clean Energy Project implemented by International Resources Group for USAID Philippines.

Duration: October 2012 – December 2013

Clean Air Asia contacts:
Alvin Mejia, alvin.mejia(at)cleanairasia.org