Clean Air Partnership for Bangladesh


Partners and participants of the first round of exchange among Clean Air Asia, BUET and NILU

October 25 marked the start of a 3-year exchange program among Clean Air Asia, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The three organizations have come together under a banner program called Clean Air Partnership for Bangladesh (CAP Bangladesh) to strengthen air quality management capacity of Bangladesh through exchanges of young professionals.

This initiative is expected to increase Clean Air Asia’s collaboration with Bangladesh and Norway on air quality management (AQM) efforts. Among the identified activities under the exchange include: strengthening of stakeholder collaboration on AQM, compiling existing AQM information and urban transport mitigation efforts for Bangladesh, reinforcing the capacity for implementing an AQM system in Bangladesh, and disseminating information on air quality and raising public awareness.

Clean Air Asia leads efforts to enable Asian cities like Dhaka to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and other sectors. BUET, one of the 230 members of the Clean Air Partnership, shares a common interest with Clean Air Asia in network building for air quality management. NILU brings expertise into the partnership with its extensive research on atmosphere and climate, air quality, environmental chemistry, and environment, society and health.

The international exchange project is supported by Fk Norway, a Norwegian Government Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fk Norway also supports the ongoing exchange program between Clean Air Asia and its country networks in China, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.


Message from Professor Dr. S.M. Nazrul Islam
BUET Vice-Chancellor

This exchange program will definitely augment the research capacity of BUET researcher groups on air pollution through exchanging knowledge. The views and expertise of the consortium partners jointly may lead the researchers to innovations and creativities. Thus a new dimension of research will be opened to new comers. I believe that the program is very time effective for Bangladesh as the global climate change issues have become vulnerable in respect of Bangladesh.


Donor: Fredskorpset Norway


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Clean Air Asia
Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)

Duration: October 2013 – August 2014

Contact Person:
Ritchie (Chee) Anne Rono, ritchie.rono(at)