Asia’s megacities on different pathways to cleaner air
Posted : April 8, 2017

The April edition of the Air & Waste Management Associations’ EM Magazine features an article from the Clean Air Asia team on the different pathways to cleaner air being traversed by Asia’s megacities’ – pathways that harmonize economic and social development agendas with air pollution mitigation strategies across multiple sectors. This article appears in the… . . Read More

Workshop targets reductions in Vietnam’s industry emissions
Posted : March 31, 2017

In alignment with Vietnam’s efforts to better monitor and regulate industry emissions, a workshop targeting the country’s urea production sector will enable improved reporting of emission estimates, data collection and validation, leading to the development of a national emission inventory. Organized by Clean Air Asia’s Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme)… . . Read More

Vietnam workshops target greening of the freight sector
Posted : March 28, 2017

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Adopting eco-driving in the freight sector will help in reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring environmental sustainability in GMS countries[/pullquote] The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam (DRVN) conducted an Eco-Drive Dissemination Workshop and the Final Workshop on Phase 2 – Green Freight Project Implementation in Lao PDR and Vietnam… . . Read More

National emission inventory development in Mongolia
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With deteriorating air quality becoming a pressing issue for Mongolia’s government, the necessity to bolster emission inventory (EI) capacity is now a priority. At the first of a series of emission inventory trainings in Ulaanbaatar from March 16-17, Clean Air Asia’s Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme), in conjunction with the… . . Read More

Plotting courses for Guidance Framework implementation
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Building on the knowledge and skills of pilot countries to implement Clean Air Asia’s Guidance Framework for Better Air Quality in Asian Cities, a five-day workshop helped strengthen the technical capacity of instructors and enabled the identification of potential trainers and opportunities to roll out and expand upon current training modules. The “Course Instructor’s Workshop… . . Read More