Vehicle fleet data vital in advancing green lending and sustainable development in Cambodia
Posted : May 25, 2018

United Nations Environment and Clean Air Asia are developing baseline vehicle fleet data to support the development of policies for cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles, and support green lending efforts to improve Cambodia’s energy efficiency and the shift to renewable energy. Speaking at the May 24 “Green Lending and Green Growth in Cambodia” forum in… . . Read More

Asian countries on the challenges of achieving cleaner and more efficient fuels and vehicles
Posted : May 24, 2018

While there is now technology available to clean up vehicles throughout the Asia region, there remains a need to ensure there are low-sulfur fuels for advanced emissions control across the vehicle fleet. Speaking at the “Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles in Asia: Implementing the Global Sulfur Strategy” – a side event organized by UN Environment in… . . Read More

Policy action in Bangladesh to achieve fuel economy targets
Posted : May 11, 2018

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has signaled its intention to develop appropriate policies and instruments to improve the average fuel economy of the national light-duty vehicle fleet. Such actions are aligned with the Global Fuel Economy Initiative’s (GFEI’s) target of improving the average fuel economy (liters/100km) for the global light-duty vehicle fleet by at… . . Read More

Clean Air Asia receives Green Thumb Award in Baguio
Posted : May 8, 2018

Clean Air Asia’s contributions to improved air quality management in Baguio City were recognized with the presentation of a Green Thumb Award on April 30. The City Government of Baguio award, given in honor of Clean Air Asia’s continued support for the city’s Sustainable Programs for the Conservation, Preservation and Protection of the Environment, acknowledged… . . Read More

Philippines a step closer to implementing a fuel economy labeling scheme
Posted : April 30, 2018

Photos courtesy of the Philippine Information Agency The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the Philippine vehicle fuel economy labeling for light-duty vehicles underwent further discussion and planning at a consultation workshop in April 2018. The “Technical Workshop on Vehicle Fuel Economy Labeling for the Philippines” brought together up to 30 delegates representing government agencies,… . . Read More