Mr Trucker Campaign sees 7.4% fuel savings for Chinese drivers

Improving eco-driving skills helped Chinese truck drivers to achieve an average of 7.4 percent savings in fuel consumption, according to the latest report from Mr Trucker Campaign.

The campaign, initiated by Clean Air Asia and co-organized by the China Green Freight Initiative, the China Road Transport Association, the R&D Center of China FAW Group Corporation, and the Home of Truck, is aimed at raising truck drivers’ awareness and improving their ability to reduce fuel consumption.

In April, the campaign launched the first not-for-profit eco-driving training. The three-day training consisted of eco-driving lectures and on-road lessons. Participants were required to undergo fuel consumption testing before and after the training in real work conditions to enable their driving behaviours and fuel consumption levels to be analyzed and assessed.

Seven truck drivers with relatively high fuel consumption were selected for the training. The results of fuel testing before the training demonstrated that idling for long periods of time, frequent braking, and unsteady throttle control were among the major factors accounting for high fuel consumption.

Following the training, the seven selected drivers practiced eco-driving skills for three weeks before being retested. A small competition was also included to encourage the drivers to make driving economically habitual, with the three who recorded the most substantial drops on fuel consumption given cash awards.

According to the report, significant improvements in driving behaviours were identified. Average fuel consumption savings were 2.7l/100km, or 7.4 percent. If the drivers continued to practice eco-driving, they would save more than USD $1500 per year on fuels costs.

Jiao Pengpeng, a 28-year-old truck driver who recorded the highest fuel savings at 14.6 percent, said the training was very useful and would help him save more than USD $3000 per year.

“Driving the wrong way leads to economic losses and air pollution,” said Dr Fu Lu, Clean Air Asia China Director. “It’s a win-win solution for train truck drivers to drive wisely.”

“Drivers are closely related to driving and truck maintenance. Eco-driving trainings contribute to the green development of China’s freight industry,” said Wang Limei, Chairman of the China Road Transport Association.

The Mr Trucker Campaign has also developed an online eco-driving manual for more truck drivers to independently learn how to drive economically (