MOU with automotive industry leader Faurecia, launches landmark partnership to reduce harmful vehicle emissions in China

The signing of the Memorandum by Faurecia Emissions Control Technology’s President Asia, Mathias Miedreich and Clean Air Asia’s China Director, Dr. FU Lu, during the China Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium, held in Beijing on December 4. Witnessing the signing were: Yann Delabriere, Faurecia CEO; Ken Cao, Strategy New Technology VP; Luc Herbin, R&D VP; Jean Michel Vallin, Faurecia China President; and Thierry Aubry, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies General Manager.

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BEIJING—Clean Air Asia, and Faurecia, a recognized leader in the global vehicles market and emissions control technology had recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding, beginning a partnership whose goals are aimed at reducing air pollution in China. Faurecia Chairman and CEO Yann Delabrière and Clean Air Asia Deputy Executive Director Glynda Bathan witnessed the signing of the Memorandum by Faurecia Emissions Control Technology’s President Asia, Mathias Miedreich and Clean Air Asia’s China Director, Dr. FU Lu, during the China Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium, held in Beijing on December 4.

According to 2012 World Health Organization figures, the impact of air pollution places the number of premature deaths caused by both indoor and outdoor air pollution at 7 million globally, with 2.6 million premature deaths in Asia related to outdoor air pollution. The challenge to reduce the impact of transportation on health has never been more pressing.

The historic partnership between Clean Air Asia and Faurecia will move forward in support of actions and interventions that accelerate the effective implementation of clean air and transport emission control policies in key cities in China. Mr. Delabrière of Faurecia also announced that his company will take the lead in forming an alliance of auto industry partners who will help the Chinese government implement new air pollution control policies.

Clean Air Asia brings into the partnership its expertise in science-based policy and action towards better air quality and transport emissions reduction. The organization’s network of partnerships and cooperation is also extensive in China—with its current programs having engaged more than 90 cities in past trainings and technical workshops.

From left: Prof. Shaozhong Du, Director of IHEC, Communication University of China; Mr. Yann Delabriere, Chief Executive Officer, Faurecia; and Glynda Bathan, Clean Air Asia Deputy Executive Director, speaking during one of the sessions at the China Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium.

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines activities that will roll out under the partnership in the next three years, beginning with the recently concluded Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium. Key activities in the first year of the roll-out include multimedia information campaigns that promote truck drivers’ behaviours geared towards improving air quality, such as eco-driving and the importance of vehicle maintenance in reducing harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution. Year one also looks into a China City Vehicle Emission Control Workshop, which not only provides city officials a venue to discuss the implementation of vehicle standards and practices but will also serve as an opportunity for participants to learn from international best practices and explore the potential for finding practical solutions.

“What has been clear to Clean Air Asia from onset is the need for all stakeholders—government, academe, non-government organizations and the private sector—to work together to clean the air,” said Ms. Glynda Bathan of Clean Air Asia. “Clean Air Asia’s landmark partnership with Faurecia—as one of the leaders in its industry in China—represents great potential for reducing harmful emissions and bringing better air quality and livable cities for all. We look forward to the lasting impact that we can achieve together.”

The China Vehicle Emission Control Policy Symposium was attended by Mr. Hong Feng, Standing Committee Member of Beijing Municipality and Mr. He Jiazhen, Vice Director-General Center for Environmental Education and Communications (CEEC) Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as other stakeholders including industry leaders and NGOs. The event was hosted by the Institute for Health and Environment Communication (IHEC) at the China University of Communication, together with Clean Air Asia and Faurecia.


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