Green Freight and Logistics

Freight now accounts for 35% of the world’s transport energy use, and is growing more rapidly than passenger transportation. In Asia, freight movement is expected to grow from 1 billion to 8 billion ton-kilometers between 2000 and 2050. Trucks make up as little as 5% of national vehicle populations, yet they generate around 60% of transport emissions.

Most countries do not have effective national programs or policies, financing mechanisms, data, and standard methodologies to support the private sector in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emission intensity across the supply chain. As the freight sector is highly fragmented and covers multiple modes, governments and the private sector need to collaborate nationally and regionally.


Green_Freight_and_LogisticsClean Air Asia’s Green Freight and Logistics (GFL) Program helped initiate the Global Green Freight Action Plan under the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Diesel Emissions Initiative, launching the agenda of Green Freight and logistics onto the world stage.  Today, the GFL Program continues to utilize this position to develop and lead green freight logistics concepts and projects on-the-ground in Asia.

Green freight and logistics is only in its early stages, especially in non-OECD countries. APEC, ASEAN, major corporations and other organizations are increasingly interested in what efficient freight and logistics mean for the environment and for business.

The GFL Program aims to introduce and advocate for green freight policies and programs in Asia. It also supports the implementation of the China Green Freight Initiative, while working with other governments to design and establish their own national green freight programs. Together with Asian countries we are working towards a Regional Cooperation Agreement on Green Freight in Asia in cooperation with UNCRD, UNESCAP and other partners.

Our Green Freight and Logistics Program consists of three components:

  1. Establish regional and national green freight programs or initiatives. We will continue to support China in the implementation of the China Green Freight Initiative, as well as working with governments to design and establish national green freight programs. Support for a national program can take the form of pilot projects, national green freight seminars, study tours, policy briefs, and the formation of advisory groups with representatives from different government agencies.
  2. Mobilize a Green Freight Asia Network of private sector companies and associations. GFAN was established as the main private sector partner for national initiatives on green freight, and as Asia’s equivalent of US SmartWay and Green Freight Europe. Through working groups with GFAN members, we helped develop the GFAN organization and helped expand its membership; methodologies and tools for CO2 measurement and reporting; public and private stakeholder engagement; and a platform on technologies, capacity building and financing solutions.
  3. Improve knowledge and data on the road freight sector to inform policies, programs, or initiatives. To build confidence in green freight technologies and strategies, pilot projects will be initiated in various countries on clean technologies (making use of the Green Trucks Toolkit), urban freight, and other areas. In support of the Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum, a set of green freight indicators will be established, as well as a database and processes to collect and report data by different Asian countries. We will continue with research studies, with the updates on our Green Freight & Logistics website, news digest and other forms of communication to increase awareness and knowledge.

Goals 2016 for Asia

  • Asian countries have a national green freight initiative or are part of a similar multi-country initiative that actively engage government and the private sector.
  • Asian countries and cities of more than 1 million collect and regularly report key freight data.
  • Clean truck technologies are available and demonstrated across Asia.

For information on green freight and logistics see Green Freight and Logistics Website. You can also download our news digest on green freight and logistics.

Contact Person:

Alvin Mejia, Transport Program Manager:
Fu Lu, China Director:
Parthaa Bosu, India Director:


Asian Development Bank
Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
China Road Transport Association
Energy Foundation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Guangdong Project Management Office
Kuehne Logistics University
Shakti Foundation
Shell Foundation
Smart Freight Centre
UN Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
World Bank

Projects and Activities

In Progress:

Presentation to the Chinese National Peoples Congress

Project Agreement of Implementation of the “China Green Freight Initiative

Development of a Freight Brokerage Information Platform for India

Development, pilot testing and dissemination of methodology to calculate carbon emissions resulting from freight operations

Establishing a Global Green Freight Declaration or Equivalent Commitment and Charter or Action Plan

Publicity activities for GF demonstration project (Video and Flyer)

Global Green Freight


Implementation of Sustainable Transport in Asia and the Pacific – Recognition Program Specialist

Guangdong Green Freight Project Evaluation Report

External factors influencing the decarbonisation of logistics in China

Identification and Comparison of Global Green Freight Labeling Systems

Green Freight Asia 2013

Initiative in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Phase 2 – Support GMS Green Freight

Support to Smart Freight Centre

2013 Study Tour under the Guangdong Green Freight Demonstration Project

Appraisal Mission for Sustainable Supply Chains for Perishable into Cities (Green Logistics)

Sustainable Urban Freight in Central Asia Paper

Second China Green Freight Initiative

Development of Position Paper on “Regional Agreement on Green Freight in Asia

Green Freight Study Tour

Institutional and Policy Analysis of Green Freight in China

Design and Scoping of Low Carbon Freight Pilot Projects in the GMS

Green Freight Asia 2013

Green Freight Asia Network

Green Freight India Program Feasibility Study

Green Freight Corridors in GMS 2

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Green Freight Demonstration Project Workshop

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Support to the Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum

Wuhan Low-Carbon Urban Transport Initiative

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Green Trucks Pilot Project in Guangzhou(Phase 2b)

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