The word on the streets about air pollution in Gandhinagar

Clean Air Asia’s Youth Clean Air Network (YCan) took the conversation on air pollution to the streets of Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar in September.

As part of an air quality perception survey developed in consultation with the Clean Air Asia team, from 2-3 September 50 YCan volunteers interviewed more than 2300 people in eight different zones representing different cultural, political and socio-economic backgrounds.

Respondents were asked a diverse range of questions covering such areas as whether they believed the city was polluted, the types of pollution they experienced, the life impacts of air pollution, access to data, government responsiveness, and citizens’ action.

“Several people we spoke to across the city said they felt the city was not polluted at all, and that organisations like Clean Air Asia should focus on cities like the national capital or even nearby Ahmedabad,” said YCan Gandhinagar President Aakash Arora. “However, a quick look at the Gujarat Pollution Control Board website shows that Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have very similar levels of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM).”

Clean Air Asia is currently working on analysing the data collected, with a detailed report to be made available soon.