Clean Air and Blue Skies Exchange Program

The Clean Air and Blue Skies for Asia exchange program of the Clean Air Asia Center and Clean Air Asia Country Networks, with support from Fredskorpset (FK) Norway, sends young professionals on 10-month postings to Asian countries to gain practical skills in air quality management (AQM) and sustainable urban transport which they can use in their home countries. The 5-year exchange program concluded in 2013 and contributed in:

  • strengthening the capacity of institutions involved in AQM in Asia
    sharing know-how and resources on AQM and environmentally sustainable transport among Asian cities and countries
  • building and strengthening relationships between institutions involved in AQM in different Asian countries
  • upgrading skills of young professionals in the fields of air quality management (e.g., emissions inventory, source apportionment, air quality monitoring for mobile, stationary and area sources of pollution) and the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport
  • developing ability of young professionals and organizations to use AQM benchmarking tools developed by the Clean Air Asia Center

Phase 1 Partners and Participants (2008-2009)

Phase 1 Results

  • Collaboration between the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong PolyU in 2009 which resulted in joint activities such as short term courses, training programs, publications and conferences; research activities; exchange of faculty members for research and lectures
  • Collaborative project between Hong Kong PolyU and Center for Environment Monitoring of Vietnam MoNRE that helped develop driving cycle and vehicle emission inventory for Vietnam in 2009
  • Application of knowledge learned during the exchange in the home country (e.g., Vietnamese exchange participant’s being given the opportunity to use air quality monitoring knowledge gained in Hong Kong to manage the newest air quality monitoring station in Hanoi which started operating end of May 2009)

Phase 2 Partners and Participants (2009-2010)

Phase 2 Results

  • Application of benchmarking tools for air quality management such as the Clean Air Scorecard and Walkability Index
  • Walkability surveys were conducted in Bhaktapur, Cebu, Colombo, Davao, Hong Kong, Kathmandu and Pokhara. Results of these surveys were integrated in an Asian Development Bank publication entitled Sustainable Development Working Paper Series and provided inputs into ADB’s Sustainable Transport Initiative.
  • Collaboration with Maldives EPA on the conduct of walkability survey in Male with special focus on persons-with-disabilities. Results of the walkability study is available in the publication entitled ‘To Walk or Not To Walk: A Pedestrian’s Dilemma in Male’
  • Collaborative research projects on the following areas:
    • Indoor air pollution study on tea estate sector of Sri Lanka
    • Joint research with Hong Kong PolyU on outdoor air sampling study in Kathmandu
    • Joint research with Hong Kong PolyU on outdoor and indoor air sampling study in Sri Lanka

Phase 3 Partners and Participants (2010-2011)

Phase 3 Results

  • Health exposure assessment study for schoolchildren in Hong Kong and Colombo.
  • Collaborative research projects for air quality monitoring in Jakarta and Iloilo.
  • Continue joint initiatives between Clean Air Sri Lanka and Hong Kong Polytechnic University such as creation of an Air Pollution Research Laboratory at the University of Moratuwa, initiate a split research degree programs (e.g., PhD) and organize a training program/seminar in Colombo by December 2011
  • Draft of Clean Air Management Profiles (CAMPs) for Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Phase 4 Partners and Participants (2011-2012)

Phase 4 Results

  • Increased in-house technical capacity of Clean Air Asia office in Manila and Country Networks (Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam) on air quality monitoring
  • Support to various air pollution/GHG emissions study and research:
    • Cebu Bus Rapid Transit Air Quality and Health Benefits Study funded by the Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD)
    • Ortigas Greenways Project: Demonstrating Innovation in Walkable Districts funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    • Air Quality Interventions for Asian Cities funded by ADB
    • Researches on Sri Lanka’s Vehicle Emission Testing Program and Limited Ambient Air Quality Measurements inside Jeepneys and Utility Vans in Metro Manila
    • Policy briefs on electronic road pricing, economic instruments for transport sector, bus rapid transit, etc.

Phase 5 Partners and Participants (2012-2013)

Phase 5 Results

  • Collaborative research projects for air quality monitoring undertaken in Hanoi and Kathmandu.
  • Increased in-house technical capacity of Clean Air Asia office in Manila and Country Networks (Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam) on air quality monitoring

Donor: Fredskorpset Norway


  1. Clean Air Asia Center (Lead Partner)
  2. Clean Air Sri Lanka
  3. Clean Air Network-Nepal
  4. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  5. Komite Penghapusan Bensin Bertimbel
  6. Vietnam Clean Air Partnership

Duration: 2008 – 2013 (5 phases)

Contact Person:
Ritchie (Chee) Anne Rono,

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