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Air Quality and Climate Change

Clean Air Asia’s Air Quality and Climate Program (AQCC) responds to the international call for action on air pollution by engaging various sectors, such as health and the environment. We work with and support existing initiatives at the regional and national level to strengthen and prioritize integrated air quality management, especially where the burden of air pollution is high.

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Clean Fuels and Vehicles

Clean Air Asia’s Clean Fuels and Vehicles (CFV) Program supports countries in the development, strengthening and implementation of fuel quality, vehicle emissions and fuel economy standards.

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Green Freight and Logistics

Clean Air Asia’s Green Freight and Logistics (GFL) Program helped initiate the Global Green Freight Action Plan under the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Diesel Emissions Initiative, launching the agenda of Green Freight and logistics onto the world stage.  Today, the GFL Program continues to utilize this position to develop and lead green freight logistics concepts and projects on-the-ground in Asia.

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Low Emissions Urban Development

Clean Air Asia’s Low Emissions Urban Development (LEUD) Program provides stakeholders with tools and transport data to craft sound policy and investment decisions in transport with the aim of reducing emissions and promoting livable cities.

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