Clean Air Asia joins the BreatheLife campaign

Clean Air Asia is proud to partner with the global BreatheLife campaign in improving air quality in cities throughout the region.

The BreatheLife Campaign, jointly undertaken by the World Health Organization, UN Environment and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, is aimed at reducing air pollution and helping cities reap the climate benefits of healthier air.

As a BreatheLife partner, we will be able to designate cities as BreatheLife Cities, share best practice examples to the BreatheLife website, and suggest opportunities for building momentum on specific air quality issues.

BreatheLife is open to any city in Asia wanting to join the campaign; however, cities that are part of our innovative Cities for Clean Air Certification Program automatically become BreatheLife Cities. Cities that subsequently sign up for the program can commit to BreatheLife with the following recognition: “I also acknowledge that by working towards Cities for Clean Air Certification I am also providing a commitment to the BreatheLife Campaign, led by the WHO and UN Environment.”

In addition, we can recognize cities within existing programs and outreach activities so that the campaign becomes an additional amplifier rather than a separate program. All that is needed is for a city to take some form of government-endorsed action to address clean air.

Once cities are part of the campaign, they will be featured on the BreatheLife website, where they can publicly share their experiences. The website also shares information on air pollution and health from the WHO Global Platform on Air Quality and Health.

“We are proud to be a part of the BreatheLife campaign,” said Clean Air Asia Deputy Executive Director Glynda Bathan-Baterina. “It will build on and strengthen our efforts throughout the Asia region to improve air quality, and it will help further the work of our Cities for Clean Air Certification Program and Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme).”